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A user has shared a profile with you on AllergyPal. AllergyPal is an app to help manage food allergies and provide carers with clear instructions on when and how to administer an adrenaline injector (e.g., EpiPen® or Anapen®).

To begin, download the app on the Apple App or Google Play store. Create a free account with the same email address your invite was sent to. After signup, you can can view and/ or manage the profile, view important information and access emergency next-steps.


Designed in collaboration with

Created by leading Australian allergy experts

Allergy Pal has been co-developed by Australia's leading paediatric allergists and researchers at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Victoria. The team has created Allergy Pal, led by Prof Mimi Tang to help find a cure for food allergies and keep kids safe.

"Food allergies can be debilitating. We want kids to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives – Allergy Pal goes a long way to helping make this a reality”

Prof Mimi Tang